Friday, May 26, 2017

Hong Kong Day 2

Day 2 in Hong Kong. Today me and bb Jade are wearing matching headbands! My cuz went to Guangzhou and bought me a baby blue headband and coincidentally i bought one for Jade too!!! Jade is wearing this bear bib from an online purchase on Qoo10, corduroy dress from H&M and cat socks from Qoo10.
Wanted to try this YUM CHA at Langham place after seeing a poster in the MRT stations. The custard buns look sooo cute! with their eyeballs and oozing yolk custards. One of my colleague told me that it looked quite gross cos of the "vomit" but I thought it was hilarious.

Unfortunately we were too earlier when we arrived there. It opens at 11am. So, we decided to pay a visit at Australian Diary Company to settle our stomachs.

When we arrived, there was a streaming line of people waiting. Fortunately, armed with bb Jade, the waiter gave us a place without having to wait! HAH! so there's some merits in bringing a baby on a trip. Both Hubs and I had a set each - macaroni soup, scrambled eggs with toast and a drink.

after breakfast, one of my usual haunts is Horizon Plaza. It's a hit and miss place. Sometimes I get some nice stuffs, sometimes i end up empty let's see what happens today! What I usually do is take a train down to Central and walk to the bus terminal, hopped onto a bus and stop somewhere near a residential area and walked about 10-15mins to Horizon Plaza. Alternatively, you can get there via cab or MRT.

On the way back, I walked past Flower Street and bought Jade 3 rompers at $15 HKD each and a swimsuit! OMG. so cute these little things. The nice part of having a daughter is I can shop shop shop. The bad part is having to spend more than unnecessary.
For myself, i bought IOPE BB cushions cos I can't find them in SG, 1 box of Beauty Black masks, 2 hair ties that was ridiculously cheap like $5HKD, some chinese tassels in case I need to do more paper lanterns for Lunar New Year projects (for the boys) and hubs bought himself grey socks. I think this was the ONE AND ONLY purchase he did this trip.
 okay...this is my splurge this trip. So i'm not going to shop anymore for the rest of the year. 
Yes I have a weakness for shoes and bags. And because of my initials, I can't resist "Y" bags.
For tunch...cos we didn't have anything after breakfast, we went back to Langham place in order for me to try YUM CHA. The china ware used was really pretty. I guess that's why the bill came up quite high. The custard buns were nice and so were the Char Siew Baos that were disguised as little piglets. My take - expensive and most probably will not come back.

 my cute dim sums

 poor Jade . can see. cannot eat.

After eating, we walked around Langham Place to see see look look, since it's been ages since we last came back here. There was a LINE friends shop. I went in and out quickly. Took some photos and left.

 With a baby, time flies! Soon it was time to head down to the streets and buy supper back!

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