Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 5 Lombok - Kuta Beach

breakfast at Pearl Trawangan. I must say their breakfast is done up really nicely and set prettily as well. It's not the usual buffet breakfast style but you choose one main from the menu. The list is pretty good enough for me... they have muesli, pancakes, sandwiches and eggs. All breakfast set comes with fruit bowl, a juice and coffee or tea.

after breakfast, we brought the boys back to the hotel room to rest while we pack our luggage as we are leaving Gili islands.

Goodbye Gili islands and we took the boat back to Lombok. From Lombok, we drove all the way down to the airport area where we stayed one night at Novotel Kuta. Kuta beach in lombok is also known as the pebble beach! The sand is not the fine sort of grains but small small pebbles! Really adorable.

pebble beach Kuta! that's james' cute little foot on the beach.

me picking seashells by the beach...there were so many of them!!!

boys eating the local snack hips - tempeh chips in plush king bed and watching telly. The little one totally enjoyed himself.

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