Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 1 Lombok - Changi Airport -> Praya Airport -> Sheraton Hotel Lombok

This is the first time we are taking the kids abroad and it's not just us being excited, Jules is extremely excited about it! When we woke him up at 7am, he literally jumped out of bed! He has been waiting so long for this "holiday" and it will be his first time sitting on an aeroplane.

Both boys are very insistent on taking their own bags and luggage and I couldn't talked them out of it. We really wanted to travel with only our luggages to keep everything light. And we were changing hotels every night too! Anyway, i guess we didn't have any choice. Kids nowadays are very stubborn and vocal!

not sure why, but probably because part of the airport is under renovation and construction. We had to take a feeder shuttle bus to the plane itself and climb up the ladder to get to the plane! The kids were so excited in seeing the plane up front!
 and we are on the plane already! waiting for take-off

OMG. we finally landed after giving the boys yoghurt drops, 2 lollipops, finger puppets, Octonauts to watch and gummy bears.
 Our colleague brought us to this place to eat some local cuisine - Ayam Taliwang!
It's a spicy kampong chicken. I think it's grilled. Very nice and flavourful. Definitely my palette cos i love spicy food.
Our colleague drove us to our hotel and we checked in to Sheraton Hotel Lombok. I really love this hotel for their kiddy friendly swimming pool, playground and a booth where you can borrow pool floats and sandcastle kids for the children. Not to mention their room service menu is quite extensive!

 my boys really enjoyed the swimming pool so much so much!
It's pretty shallow at 0.5M . Really good for babies and toddlers who doesn't know how to swim yet.

 The boys also enjoyed making sandcastles!

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