Monday, June 2, 2014

Jules - First Day at Childcare

How fast time flies and I'm back to the workfield so Jules has to start going to a childcare centre because my dad can't cope with 2 children. So James and the helper is left under my dad's care in the day while Jules is stationed at Portsdown Road's Temasek club childcare. The nearest and available childcare centre which hubs managed to find in a short notice.

Day 1 at childcare. Both of us took leave to accompany him on his first day. A big milestone for Jules as well as us. Seeing him playing with his new found friends and shrieking in delight in the playground somehow made me feel a little better. Although I know for the following days to come, I'm sure he will swell in tears when he reaches the school's door steps.

and he was just a baby 2 years ago.
so fast!

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