Saturday, June 21, 2014

James - 4th month Jab

Saturday morning.
we are out to bring James for his 4th month jab at the clinic.
At the arrival, James had to be weighed and to take his height measurement. He pursed his lips in silence and not inching a bit. Frankly he looks about to cry but is withholding his tears.
ok. after this shot. my darling james started to cry.

back to our usual routine. after the height and weight check, we will go down to Yakun for our breakfast because our PD usually comes in after 1030am when the clinic opens at 9am. The PD usually makes his morning rounds at the hospital first before coming into the clinic.
Above: James so happy to see his PD. Like real. He's more fascinated with the ceiling lights and colourful mobile in the PD's office. PD checks his head circumference, his overall growth, eyes - tracking items, able to withstand weight on his legs etc.
and pop goes the needle into his chubby legs.


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