Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pregnancy #2 - Visiting gynae without hubs for the first time

Jules giving me a toothsome grin
Today is the first time where I visit my gynae without hubs for the first time!!!  Hubs had something to attend to this morning so it's just me, Jules and my helper to the gynae. After my regular check up and purchases of 2 penafort, 1 box of calcium tablets and 2 boxes of fish oil, we headed down to Paragon Toastbox for some brunch.

I ordered a laksa which was a first time try for me. And i was surprised to find my laksa noodles in mee tai bak form! (rat's tail noodles)
I'm not really a fan of these kind of noodles so I'm just going to stick back to my mee siam when I next visit Toastbox.

Then I ordered a pandan chiffon cake for Jules which he finished everything up! Guess it must be quite yummy for him!

Me and Jules outside paragon, in front of a xmas tree which is too tall to be taken fully.

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