Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jules - on his first train ride (MRT) and off we go to orchard...wait how come we stopped at CItyhall!

Here's a blurred photo of Jules and Hubs at Queenstown MRT station. Sorry, i'm not very used to my hubs' camera!!! and there's no AUTO function!
 hubs is pointing out to Jules where the train will arrive from.
Jules looks abit apprehensive.
 and he drops his jaw all the time when we were at the train platform waiting for the train to come.
Yes. when we went on board the train. Jules got afraid. and especially so when we went underground at Tiong Bahru Station. He wanted the doors to open and so that he could get out. So we had to no choice but to stop at Cityhall. Our plans were to get to Orchard but seeing how scare he was with all the train sounds, we decided to stop early.
 And we are having lunch at Raffles City basement BiBiGO!

 Jules folding his arms and looking all displeased because he has been waiting so long for his food.
Twiddling his fingers on the table.
He's only 1 year and 6 months and he has a temper.

 Finally the food arrives and Jules immediately takes up his fork and tries to poke my food!

Jules goes shopping by himself at Monoyono! Check him out as he strides in and out the store with a tongue sticking out.

Next stop, Jules went into Kate Spade to try to get me a christmas present! No...i'm kidding myself. he's just here to rest on the ottoman and give all the sales girls a wink and some giggles.

Next we walked out of the shopping mall to take some photos with the christmas tree! And it was a huge one!

After we finished taking photo with the xmas tree, we went underground via citylink to connect to marina square. And they have a christmas tree there too with a pirate treasure theme.

Here we are at Marina Square! there's some augmented reality environmental thingy going on here where the polar bears are on the screen with us!

Time for Jules to have his first porridge of the day, up to marina sq foodcourt where the view towards the city skyline is spectacular! Jules got to see the ducktours on the marina bay and he was so excited at the boats travelling to and fro along the waters.

Last stop around the vicinity, SUNTEC! and the minions were there. Jules enjoyed himself colouring the minions on paper with all the rest of the children.

merry christmas everyone!!!

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