Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jules - A really busy day at his grandparents' place

Jules fell asleep on the way to his grandparents place which is usually the case because it's quite far from our home. We always make it a point to bring Jules over to my in-laws at least one of the weekend.
Jules with his grandfather. My FIL went into his master room and took a bright orange rice bucket out and upon opening, WHOA! it was filled with small transport vehicles which belong to Jules' father! So that kept Jules pretty busy in the afternoon.

By evening, my son has become the night shift janitor, picking up the new broom which my MIL bought from the market for $20.

after a trip back from dinner, my son realised that the mattress is actually so "shiok" to lie on. But after 5 seconds on it, he was back to his janitor role, pushing and tugging the new broom around the flat.

and on the way home, again, he fell asleep in his car seat with his mouth wide open.

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