Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jules@ Beaufort Hotel Sentosa

We were at Beaufort Sentosa for Sunday Brunch and the peacocks were just everywhere!!! Jules were pretty afraid of these local PRs. Think he has never seen such a big bird in his life yet and their colours might be a bit too daunting for him.

The Sunday Brunch spread was quite good though i would have preferred it even better if they served juices too for the price of the buffet that we were paying.

There were many stations located indoor and outdoor. The outdoor ones were the omelette and craving station where they were serving lamb that day. Plus foie gras, salmon, sausages.

Indoors were the usuals - chilled seafood which they had crayfish, prawns, mussels and sashimi. Salads where you can make your own caesar salad. I love the thai salad that was already pre-made. They also have the oriental normal buffet cuisines, 2 types of soup, cheese station and a room where they had the sweets - OMG this was my favourite!!!!
Jules sitting on the floor and refusing to get up

Jules coming to grab my leg

Some snapshots after the meal, time to walk off the calories. Even a pregger like me has to watch my weight too you know!

me and Jules at my 26 week of pregnancy

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