Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mum's 62nd Birthday - Happy birthday mummy!!!

We are on our way to have dinner at Long Beach Dempsey, one of mum's favourite seafood restaurant within the vicinity. And a green grasshopper is sticking onto our car for a breezy ride. Maybe he wants to eat some seafood too?
And we have reached Long Beach where mummy can't wait to get her hands on Jules and give him a good hug!!!
See the crab!!! they have all sorts of crabs here, white, rough crusty ones, long legged ones...and then they have something that looks like slugs too but with hard shells.

 the crabs here are HUGE!!! bigger than Jules!
 now is Daddy's turn to hold we wait for the food to arrive. We ordered 3 coloured spinach (my favourite), signature tofu, roasted chicken (half), ee-fu noodles because it's mum's birthday and of cause, the best of the best!!! CHILLI CRAB! 1.7kgs!!!

 see that's size of the pincer, my mum is smiling from ear to ear!!! it's almost the length of my face!!!
 I bet mummy can't wait to sink her teeth into the flesh

After dinner, we went back to my parents' place to cut the birthday cake. And she' s uber delighted! we bought an orange chocolate cake from Pine gardens and it tasted good!!! The orange cream was light and the chocolate cake inside was moist.

 Happy Birthday Mummy!!!

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