Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jules - In his UNIQLO PJs

Here are some photos of Jules in his quilted UNIQLO PJs! Looks really cute with the little pocket on his chest. Although it's a little thick for our singapore weather, but for aircon rooms, i think it's fine.
Here's his little routine before he sleeps.
Usually he loves to stroll to the changing station, pretend to press some moisturiser out and rubs it onto his shirt like what we do for him after a shower.
lately he's very into mimicking what others are doing.
  1. he will take my bottle of lotion, without opening the cover, he will rub his hand over the cover and then pretend to put moisturiser on his hands and chest!
  2. He took hubs' ipod shuffle and put it under his chin as if he was shaving like what hubs does with his shaver!
  3. There was one time, a beetle flew in and hubs went to get a cushion to swap it out and Jules immediately went to the couch to get a cushion and followed his dad to "swap" something in the air.
  4. My helper tried smack a mosquito and Jules did the same, smacking the floor.
  5. He walks with his hands behind his back like an adult. ( i have no idea who he is imitating here!)

 here's a back view of Jules' hair with a little "tail"
I did the cutting! :P

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