Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jules & James - Vivocity Waterplay

if we can spare the time and energy, we usually would bring the boys out to vivocity's water play area. Many kids who stay in the west are here too!

Things which we will pack along:-
changes of clothes
water bottle
buckets and watering cans (or any toys that can hold water)

After waterplay and lunch, there was a Khong Guan biscuit booth which had a really big metal tin like as big as a human size and big khong Guan biscuits! My boys found it so fun to play with them together with the rest of the other children. And they sat on it until a uncle came over to say that those huge biscuits are expensive and told them to put back into the metal tin!!! and my boys obediently did so.

It was so cute to watch small james carry the huge biscuit back to the tin.

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