Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lazy Saturday - just me and my boys

The dad's away at work. so it's me looking after the 2 kiddos. Really nice to see them both playing together instead of pulling each other's hair out. James is starting to walk these days, he just turned 14 months...his progress is slightly slower than Jules. When Jules was 14 months, he was walking quite well already.

anyway I'm not as anxious as his infant care teacher who said by 15 month "HE MUST WALK!!!!" i was like rolling my eyeballs when she said that.
All children develop at different rates. seriously. Why must my James walk at his 15th month?!?!?

and it's not my fault that he can't walk now...she makes it sound as if i carry him all the time hence impeding his walking progress.
Jules started walking after he turned 1 year! And i give them both the same treatment. No carrying at home.


james...u better start walking before your 15th month. if not your infant care teacher is going to breathe down my neck.

next comes a series of james trying to take Jules' food from him.

James: ooo...what do you have there!?!

James: wah... this yan yan biscuit is good!

James: Can i have some more???

gimme some...

James taking food and watching telly at the same time. 

Jules frowning.
James: you love me right? I'm your only brother.

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