Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Day at the River Safari and Zoo

Photos of me and James before we head out to River Safari
I think i owe my boys a family gathering out for the longest time. ever since we started butterpaperstudio, things has never been the same again! It's not for the worse, oh no of course not. But I'm afraid sometimes it robs my sons of "quality" time like going to the zoo or even shopping malls. So this weekend, I blocked out the entire day and it was dedicated to spending more time with my both sons.

Together with my in-laws, we visited the River Safari and the Zoo!!!
Both the boys had a great time. I know for sure, Jules enjoyed his trip. For baby James, who is turning 9 months this coming weekend, his eyes followed the fishes to and fro as he lifted his little neck and head. So my bet is that he must be enjoying himself looking at all the animals moving around too.

Jules smiling at the fishes.
Pandas - the ambassadors of River Safari. Kai Kai was trying to sleep after a meal while Jia Jia was out and about, walking non stop to work out her breakfast. My guess - must be trying to keep a slim figure!!!
little facts about the bears' different paw prints.
And i bought a chocolate custard panda bao from the cafeteria. Cost me $2.90 each. Very cute!!!
My people tell me that I look like a mother in my twenties but frankly I'm nearing 40.
James holding dearly onto his cap: mama!!!my cap is falling!!!

gummy James.

Look at the size of the polar bear!!!

we sat on the tram. went 2 rounds the zoo. Saw the polar bear feeding session and we were quite done at the zoo. Probably we were too exhausted from walking around the River Safari with 2 kids and tending to their whims and needs.

so much for parenting.


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