Thursday, October 2, 2014

i'm feeling terribly low these few days cos Jules is down with high fever for 3 days straight already. Doc was suspecting dengue if the fever doesn't come down within these 3 days and said a blood test was necessary... i really hated the whole idea of Jules being poked and crying.
Thank god Jules fever has come down today!!! Hope he stays this way and healthy.

Then hubs' grandmother is in ICU and doc says it's anytime soon. The whole family has been in and out of the hospital for weeks now.

And to add up to everything, hubs is being sent outstation again. The last one was just 2 weeks ago during the F1 period.

it's just the logistic part where Jules needs to go to school in the morning and James needs to go over to the grandparents and I have to get to work. Then after work, I have to get Jules from school before 7pm before getting impounded. And then fetching the helper with baby james. Afterwhich I have to settle all our dinners outside before getting home.

it's just not easy when I'm not a driver. And i don't want to be one. period.

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